It is my utmost belief that a political office opens the door to convert the dreams of my fellow patriots into reality. If the political representative is doing his job, then he acts as a liaison between the state and the citizens, making the society run smooth in its course. And that’s precisely what my job is about – representing my fellow citizens as best as I can in order for them to live a happy and prosperous life.

My entire life has revolved around advocating for social improvement and national development. These two issues go hand in hand, as you cannot have one without the other. If the people are content with their lives, the country as a whole will benefit greatly; if they are unhappy, then the country will regress, and things will go sour. A good politician will make sure to find the perfect balance between the state of the nation and the state of the citizens, as only by doing this can he enact the change that everybody expects.

My goal, as a public servant and a family man, is to win – not for me, but for my people. And to win means to attract major investments, to achieve a good governance and to help the citizens achieve their goals. It might sound easy, but whoever says so is either fooling himself or others. The road ahead is anything but easy, but with enough faith and dedication, I truly believe that we can change the way we look at politics and thus change the way our country works, for the better.

I am here to win big for you. My commitment to serve my community, combined with my passion to achieve and excel no matter what lays ahead – these things, from an outsider’s perspective, might look good on paper, but this is not what this is about. My greatest asset is you, the people, and I truly believe that together we can make our constituency shine like never before!


Create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for his constituents.

Provide much greater access to affordable housing and land ownership.

Use Sports Development to engage youth and provide them alternative avenues to fulfill their life’s dreams.